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Group Travel Services & Group Travel Deals

At we are all about groups. We love them! They are fun to put together and even more fun to be a part of. We do all kinds and all sizes of group trips including:

  • Destination Weddings
  • Family Group Trips
  • Incentive Travel Groups
  • Bar Groups
  • Sports Groups
  • Golf Groups
  • School or Community Groups
  • Or any type of affinity group you can think of

We have lot’s experience with groups having run the group department at a major tour operator for several years. We know how important the details are and how to ensure your group has an amazing experience.

There are some great group deals out there that you can take advantage. They range from discounts to special inclusions to free travel based on your group size. Let us help you plan your next group trip and make sure you get all the perks you have coming.

Here are some helpful links to group travel deals and information that you can use for your initial planning or discussion. From there, we can assist you in choosing the right resort to meet your price range and service expectations. The good news is that the resorts in Beach Destinations love groups and do them very well.

Groups on Funjet Vacations:

Groups on Apple Vacations:

See you on the beach! Call us at 877-404-4228 to book your next group trip.



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