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Interested in Traveling to Cuba?

This is a beautiful Caribbean Island that has been off-limites to Americans for decades. But that is changing. Below are some related artices about the developments here.

If you have a group or are interested in travel to Cuba, by all means give us a call at 877-404-4228 or send an e-mail to

Here are some frequently asked questions since the announcement of changes in U.S. Cuba travel policy on March 15, 2016:

Q: Is the embargo lifted? A: No

Q: Can Americans travel freely to Cuba now?
A: No, Americans must still comply with U.S. government restrictions on travel to Cuba.

Q: What are the changes announced March 15, 2016?
A: The new change allows individuals to travel to Cuba under the People-to-People provision, where previously, under the People-to-People provision, only group travel was allowed.

Q: What rules still apply?
A: All American travelers to Cuba are still required to have a structured itinerary, which includes 8 hours of “meaningful interaction” with Cubans each day. While “meaningful interaction” is rather vague, we can assure you it does not cover lying on the beach or chatting up the bartender over rum cocktails.

Q: Are U.S. airlines fl ying to Cuba?
A: At the moment no, although several have applied and are awaiting approval. Approval is needed separately from the U.S. government and the Cuban government. We don’t expect the Cuban government to move quickly on this.

Q: Can Americans book air and hotels only?
A: No, the Cuban government requires American visitors to have transportation and a guide for their full stay booked through a  tour company, otherwise, they will not accept hotel bookings.

Q: What about home-stays?
A: Home stays are allowed but must be booked through a tour company.

Q: How will the recent change effect prices?

A: The prices are already increasing because demand has increased and Cuban infrastructure remains insuffi cient.

Q: Is it true that Cuba hotel availabilty is very limited?
A: Yes, most 4 and 5-star hotels are in “stop-sale” status for most of the remaining 2016 and even into 2017.

Looking for more information?

 Our top two vacation package suppliers; Apple Vacation and Funjet Vacations now offer a Cuba Product...


People-to-People Educational Program:

Funjet Vacations is excited to offer two unique people-to-people educational tours to Cuba in cooperation with U.S.-based Cuba Travel Services (CTS). Licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), these tours offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Cuban culture by interacting and engaging with the people of Cuba including artists, farmers, health-care professionals, children and other locals. 


Program Details:

  • Program is available on a People-to-People License, which means this will not be your average guided tour. Passengers should not be going there with the sole purpose of being a tourist, they are on a cultural exchange, but a fun one!
  • Includes full day itineraries with jam-packed activities meaning little to no free time. The purpose of this tour is to bring the two countries closer together through meaningful interactions. This is an experiential tour, not a vacation; therefore, travelers should not be traveling to Cuba for a beach vacation or entertainment, but to learn about the people and culture.
  • A special tourist VISA is required to visit Cuba, which will be issued by CTS.
  • All travel documents will be delivered to hotel. Charter flight from Miami: Times are subject to change.
  • Americans are allowed to purchase up to $400 of souvenirs in Cuba to bring back to the US, of which $100 can be alcohol or tobacco products (except informational and artistic materials which is exempt from limit)
  • LUGGAGE, MIA-HAV only:
    •    -each checked bag $20 (1 included in your program)
    •    -Donations vs. gifts for customs
  • CASH ONLY: No American credit cards, ATM cards, or travelers checks can be used in Cuba.
  • This tour will be locally guided with a Cuban National to accompany the tour at all times and a Tour Director from Miami and back.
  • Medical insurance is included while in Cuba. There are special Hospitals for foreign travelers. Supplemental travel insurance is useful for everything else.




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